Steady Rests, Work Rests Support Range of Applications

IMTS 2018: Kitagawa NorthTech will be featuring its complete line of turning steady rests and grinding work rests.


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Kitagawa NorthTech will be featuring its complete line of turning steady rests and grinding work rests. The series of grinding work rests has been added to the lineup for conventional and application-specific grinding. The rests feature a range of gripping diameters with three added models and are supported with the company’s in-house turnkey design, build, installation and integration services.

The most common applications for the steady and grinding rests include support during turning, milling and other operations such as ID/OD drilling, boring and grinding. For lathe and milling operations, the company offers turning steady rests with bar clamping capacity ranging from 0.157" to 36". They have a pivotal arm for vertical loading, compact models featuring side-mounted cylinders and models for standard turning and cam milling operations. The turning systems range from compact to heavy-duty models. The grinding work rests range from 0.394" to 7.5" clamping. Engineered mounting accessories are available.

The grinding work rest series offers three models: the AS, KRGU and GHS. The AS grinding work rests feature narrow retractable arms for camshafts/crankshafts and other cylindrical grinding applications. The KRGU is designed for crank shaft grinding to accommodate the maximum eccentric throw for journal diameters of crank shafts. The GHS is designed for general-purpose crank shaft, cam shaft and cylindrical grinding applications where accuracy and repeatability are essential. Turning and grinding work rest models can be specified with hydraulic or pneumatic actuation.