Swiss-Type Lathe Features Up to Seven Axes


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The Nexturn SA-20B Swiss-type lathe, distributed by Absolute Machine Tools, is a 20-mm machine with a rotary synchronous guide bushing. It features as many as seven total axes (Z1, X1, Y, Z2, X2, C1 and C2) and up to 22 total tools. The machining capacity is 20 mm on the main spindle and subspindle, with a 210-mm (8") maximum turning length. A 12-ft magazine barfeeder is available.

The machine is built for rigidity, accuracy, reliability and ease of use. The use of ultra-precision, pre-tensioned ballscrews and LM guides increase accuracy. High-speed positioning of 1,260 ipm reduces cycle times. The 5-hp, 8,000-rpm built-in-motor main spindle provides optimum acceleration and deceleration. A full C axis, with 0.001-degree positioning and pneumatic disc brake clamping, provides high rigidity for milling. The synchronous subspindle enables simultaneous front- and backworking. Powerful live tools sport 1.3 hp and 6,000 rpm on the cross-mill unit, and 1 hp and 5,000 rpm on the back-end face tools. The synchronous rotary guide bushing features a dual bearing structure.