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7/23/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

TopSolid CAM Software Updates Anti-Collision Engine for Complex Machining Strategies

Originally titled 'CAM Software's Anti-Collision Engine Enables Complex Machining Strategies'
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EMO 2019: TopSolid CAM software  has a roll-in approach strategy, allowing for soft entries into the material.


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TopSolid CAM software has a roll-in approach strategy, allowing for soft cutting tool entries into the material. This way, the lifetime of cutting tools is extended by avoiding shocks, the company says. The software’s anti-collision engine has been improved in the latest update, preventing collisions between the finished part and tool. This makes it useful for complex machining strategies.

A new drilling cycles and cylinders stacking feature has been added to the general milling/turning methods. This allows users to create and save complete job lists that can be automatically applied to new parts.

The option to divide the tool path into useable tool lengths automatically divides a machining operation into “n” machining operations according to a selected list of tools with different lengths. Each machining zone is determined according to the length of the tool and the diameter of its attachment.

Three new part movements have been created to facilitate part transfers and to allow parts to be pulled. “Approach to Hold Part” automates the approach of the subspindle to the main spindle. “Part Pulling” is where the part can be pulled with the sub spindle, and “Part Transfer” facilitates part transfers from the main spindle to the subspindle.



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