Universal Machining Center Series Features Orthogonal Milling Heads


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Available from GBI Cincinnati, the SHW Werkzeugmaschinen UniSpeed series of compact universal machining centers is suitable for use in the moldmaking, job shop, tool construction and aviation industries. The working area in the UniSpeed series ranges to 3,000 × 1,300 mm in the X and Y axes. The machining centers feature an NC rotary table with torque drive and a maximum speed of 250 rpm, and intelligent balancing system and Siemens 840D controls. They can be assembled without a special foundation and are equipped with the SHW orthogonal milling head.

The UniSpeed 5 and 6 universal milling centers offer speed and flexibility for a range of machining options, the supplier says. The UniSpeed 5T and 6T turn-mill machining centers add lathe functionality to the capabilities of the milling machines, enabling turnkey machining of workpieces in a single setup.

The machining centers can be equipped with one of two versions of SHW’s turning toolholders: a regular four-point support tool that can be loaded automatically or a Hirth coupling holder for heavy machining that requires manual loading. Available with 48, 66, 90 or 120 pockets, the machines offer a range of toolchangers. According to the company, the pickup system is suitable for oversized and special tools depending on customer needs.



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