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consistent mold cavities

Hard Milling Isn’t Just High Speed Machining
Milling complex forms in hardened tool steel involves more than just fast, light cuts, says this maker of medical-related injection molds. Here are some of the ingredients of an effective hard milling process.

stereolithography and 3D printer

CNC Machining As A Prototyping Technology
Designcraft has many more machining centers than additive devices. Here is why.

From Mold Making To Mold Manufacturing
Pro Mold had to change its entire shop culture to make the move to “net machining.” The experience made the company stronger.

Complex three-shot, three-color automotive tail light cavity

For Mold Shops, Machining To Zero Means There Is Nothing To Hold Them Back
Advanced machining technology enables mold shops to produce cores and cavities without leaving extra stock. Following this trend of “machining to zero” will help make mold production more competitive.

Production part

What's Possible At 10,000 RPM
High-value work doesn’t have to demand a high-cost machine tool.

Designcraft's President Greg Borucki

Rapid Milling For Prototypes
Rapid milling is different from CNC milling in that it relies on high-speed capability and techniques to the extreme. For prototyping, rapid milling becomes a powerful tool that provides faster feed rates, better finishes with less handwork, higher accuracies, and a very wide choice of materials.

PC based control 3

Choosing A Retrofit CNC
Controls have evolved considerably in just a few years. PC technology is one reason why, but what is the right way for PC hardware to interface with your existing machine tool?

Low-Cost Machines Meet High-End Controls
Mold and die makers have been less than enthusiastic about low-cost VMCs in a large part because their controls typically aren't designed to deliver the high performance 3D contouring capabilities so necessary to cutting cores and cavities. But two companies are out to change all that by bringing together low-cost machining capabilities and high-end contouring control on a single platform.

Mold Shop Eases Into 3D Machining
Converting a shop from a 2D to a 3D machining environment is always a major undertaking, but the right equipment can make the transition easier.

Breaking The Electrode Bottleneck
This company uses high speed machining to slash the time it takes to make graphite electrodes for EDMing of molds and dies. From days to hours. Sounds like a simple, straight-forward formula for cutting costs and lead times, doesn't it?

Advanced Controls For High Speed Milling
This CNC expert covers the key factors behind making controls and the entire milling process move faster.

A Closer Look At Look-Ahead
This CNC capability is helping make machine tools move far faster, and more accurately, than ever before. Here's how it works.

Beyond DNC
  Though much work has been done to optimize DNC to support high feed rates, there is yet a better alternative for many applications. This is an introduction to the ultimate DNC--the elimination of DNC! This is an introduction to direct CNC networking (DCN).

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