Rethink Robotics, Inc.

27 Wormwood St.
Boston , MA 02210 US


As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

As Rethink Robotics Closes, Hahn Group Picks Up Sawyer Technology
As part of the transaction, Hahn Group has acquired all patents and trademarks of Rethink Robotics as well as its software platform, Intera5. 

Rethink Robotics Expands Global Distribution Network
Rethink Robotics expands the availability of its collaborative robots by adding ten new global distribution partners to its network.

Smart MFG Experience main stage.

Using Data to Do Better in Manufacturing
Although the Smart Manufacturing Experience 2018 event in Boston may not have provided a simple, clear definition of “smart manufacturing,” it did provide a broad experience of what smart manufacturing can be like.

Software Enables Building, Testing of Robotics Programs
Rethink Robotics released the Sawyer Software Development Kit (SDK), a software upgrade designed for researchers and students to build and test programs on the Sawyer robot.

Collaborative Robot Software Provides Real-Time Data
The version 5.2 expansion of Rethink Robotics’ Intera software platform provides manufacturers with real-time data insights with its Sawyer collaborative robots.

Sawyer from Rethink Robotics

Video: Robot Lets Short-Run Shop Take on Large-Quantity Work
The robot needing no guarding on the shop floor offers an accessible way for a shop to expand its capacity by running unattended through nights and weekends.

Robot actuation

No Cage Required
The next frontier for robotic automation is near human workers.