Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) refers to the application of 3D printing to create functional, industrial components including prototypes, tooling and end-use production parts. AM’s advantages include the freedom to produce small batches of intricate parts cost-effectively, as well as the freedom to realize part designs that would not be manufacturable in any other way, and in some cases to use materials that otherwise would be impractical to apply. The range of processes finding industrial applications includes direct metal deposition, electron beam melting, polymer processes such as fused filament fabritcation (FFF), and select laser sintering (SLS) or melting (SLM), among others. Some hybrid machine tools combine additive manufacturing with subtractive CNC machining. Modern Machine Shop has a sister magazine, Additive Manufacturing, that focuses on AM.

Card Decks Leverage the Power of Additive Manufacturing

Card Decks Leverage the Power of Additive Manufacturing

How custom card decks are helping people be more creative with AM.

Why Use Solid-State Additive Manufacturing?

New opportunities are coming thanks to 3D printing processes where the metal doesn't melt. 
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New Product Announcements

Siemens' NX Platform Includes CAM, AM and Postprocessing Software

Siemens Digital Industries Software’s NX platform is described as an end-to-end software solution for part manufacturing, powering machining, robot programming, 3D printing and CNC programming.

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