A Machine Shop Poised for Additive Production

By laying the groundwork now, Able Tool will be prepared for the day when machine shops are commonly called to produce metal parts via additive manufacturing.

Unlock Your Capacity with Automation

Download the collection to explore opportunities and challenges within machining automation.

EOS Offers Online Additive Manufacturing Training

EOS' Additive Minds Academy online additive manufacturing training is now available to the  U.S. market.

Desktop Metal and Uniformity Labs Make 6061 Aluminum for AM

Desktop Metal and Uniformity Labs have created a sinterable 6061 aluminum powder for binder jetting AM production.

AMEXCI and SLM Solutions Partner to Promote Metal AM

AMEXCI and SLM Solutions have partnered to promote industrialization of metal additive manufacturing, starting with AMEXCI’s investment in the SLM 500.

Beginning Your AM Journey: One Part to Begin the Path

Identifying the right part to begin your additive manufacturing path can demonstrate and validate the AM workflow, provide a benchmark for future work and more.

Chiron Develops Laser-Metal-Deposition 3D Metal Printer

Chiron enters the metal additive manufacturing market with its AM Cube, which can change deposition heads during active processes, utilizing different feedstocks for different purposes.

The Cool Parts Showcase Seeks Innovative 3D Printed Parts

Do you solve problems with 3D printing? Enter your 3D printed parts in this first-ever contest from The Cool Parts Show. 

Five 3D Printing Trends Mirrored in Machining

The underlying drivers of additive manufacturing’s advance are increasingly easy to spot on increasingly digitalized machine shop floors.

Desktop Metal's Studio System 2 Lowers Consumable Use

Desktop Metal’s Studio System 2 condenses the original system’s Bound Metal Deposition printing process into a two-step process with less consumable usage.

Ingersoll and Bell 3D Print 22-Foot-Long Rotor Blade Mold

Ingersoll and Bell have completed a 22-foot-long main rotor blade mold through a combination of 3D printing and five-axis machining, saving months compared to traditional processes.

Siemens and EOS Partner to Improve AM Efficiency

Siemens and EOS North America have expanded their AM partnership, with EOS reselling Siemens NX solutions, which now integrate with EOSPrint2.

Esprit and Cetim Validate Binder Jetting Support

Esprit and Cetim have expanded their partnership to include additive manufacturing, recently achieving support for binder jetting through Esprit Cam.

Beginning the AM Journey: An Uphill Battle

Faster machines, cheaper feedstocks, new standards — with all of these advances, why is additive manufacturing still “an uphill battle” for so many?              

Stratasys Completes Origin Acquisition

Stratasys has completed its acquisition of Origin, adding Origin’s Programmable PhotoPolymerization additive manufacturing process to its capabilities.

Latest Siemens Parasolid Update Enhances Convergent Modeling

Siemens has updated its Parasolid software with enhanced convergent modeling functionality, also including substantial updates for boundary representation (B-rep).

Avoiding Costs while Adding Value with DFAM

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) is as much about finding value as it is about avoiding costs with AM. 

Meet the 3D Printed Parts That Are on Their Way to Mars

Five components of a critical instrument were made via electron beam melting, a technique able to deliver the hollow box beams and thin walls. But 3D printing was just the first step.

Desktop Metal Adds Two To Its Board of Directors

Desktop Metal has appointed Scott Dussault and Stephen Nigro to its board of directors, with Dussault serving as the chairman of the Audit Committee.

Here Is Why Knust Godwin Decided to 3D Print Mission Critical Parts

Knust Godwin introduced metal 3D printing into its precision-machining environment nearly eight years ago. Now the company is using the capability to break through into new applications and give 3D printed mission-critical parts a renewed business case.

Jrlon Acquires Metalworx

Jrlon Inc., a specialty metal, plastics and rubber manufacturer, has acquired Metalworx, a manufacturer of precision machined components and products.

Ceratizit Develops Award-Winning Carbide AM Process

Ceratizit has won FEDIL’s 2020 “Process” Innovation Award in recognition of its new process for additively manufacturing with tungsten carbide-cobalt.

Blockchain-Secured Marketplace Aims to Distribute Manufacturing

VeriTX matches OEMs with the users and manufacturers who need their parts, anywhere in the world. Additive manufacturing makes this distributed model possible.