Practical Approaches to Automating Five-Axis Machines

There are many approaches to automation in five-axis machining, and whether a shop uses robots or pallet changers, the benefits are often easier to realize than many believe.

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Practical Approaches to Automating Five-Axis Machines

There are many approaches to automation in five-axis machining, and whether a shop uses robots or pallet changers, the benefits are often easier to realize than many believe.

Kurt's RV36 Robotic Gripper Automatically Changes Fingers

Kurt Workholding’s RV36 Gripper allows automated finger or end effector changes without changing the gripper body.

Reynolds Machinery Recognized As 2020 Top Hurco Distributor

Hurco has recognized Reynolds Machinery as its 2020 top distributor in unit sales — a first for Reynolds, though it has come close several times in the past.

Yaskawa and Realtime Robotics Create Logistics Solutions

Yaskawa and Realtime Robotics have combined their technologies to increase automation versatility in logistics automation, specifically in piece picking and mixed-case palletizing.

Anca's AIMS Enables Modular Automation Capability

The Anca Integrated Manufacturing System is a modular automation approach for tool production that reduces downtime, streamlines handling and enables lights-out manufacturing.

EMO Milano Sets Oct. 4-9 Dates

EMO Milano 2021 will take place Oct. 4-9, with a particular emphasis on machine tools, automation, IoT systems and advanced digital production technologies.

ATI QC-7 Robotic Tool Changer Features Wide Interoperability

ATI Industrial Automation’s QC-7 Robotic Tool Changer offers a wide variety of configuration and compatibility options.

Halter CNC Robotics Offers $2,500 Scholarship to US Veterans

Halter CNC Robotics is offering a $2,500 scholarship to US veterans or active military studying manufacturing automation or robotics. Applications are due August 31.

LiDAR Technology Coming to Factory Systems

Industrial sensor company Sick AG and automotive sensor company IBEO Automotive Systems GmbH have partnered to create an industrial, solid-state LiDAR solution.

FANUC and Rockwell Partner for Automation Apprenticeships

FANUC and Rockwell have formed a coalition alongside several other companies to help develop work-and-learn automation and robotics apprenticeships.

Matsuura Five-Axis Machines Give Shop Unattended Capacity

Matsuura five-axis machines drastically increased Flying S’ process reliability in making complex aerospace parts, in one example leading to over 90% first part integrity on first machining attempts.

Mitutoyo and Kitov Partnering, Developing Combined Solutions

Mitutoyo and Kitov have partnered to combine the innovations of Mitutoyo’s metrology solutions and Kitov’s AI, robotics and computer vision technologies.

Yaskawa Motoman GP280L Simplifies Jobs with Heavy Components

Yaskawa Motoman has debuted the extended-reach, six-axis GP280L robot, an extension of its GP-series robot family for swift, high-power applications.

ABB Expands Easy-Setup Cobot Portfolio with GoFa and Swifti

ABB Inc. has added the GoFa and Swifti cobots to its portfolio, offering easy-to-program automation for increased operational safety and efficiency.

Robotics Partners Design Easy-to-Use Robotic Deburring Cell

RoboDK, DIY-Robotics and ATI Industrial Automation have released a plug-and-play Robotic Deburring Cell technology bundle, which they say rapidly integrates into user systems.

Fuji's Gyroflex Machine Meets Various Production Needs

Fuji Machine’s Gyroflex Ultimate Multitasking Machine offers a swift automation solution for complex parts, with 0.4-second indexing and spindle speeds up to 12,000 rpm.

Teknics's Zerolox Nano XP 80Z Provides Powerful Workholding

Teknics ZeroClamp says its Zerolox Nano XP 80Z Zero Point Workholding automation console provides over 5.5 tons of clamping force — and supports simple automation.

Webinar | Automated CNC Machine Setup for the Smart Factory

Learn how to maximize the value of your CNC equipment through automated setup with Jon Caliguri of DSI.

10 Things to Know About Collaborative Robots

Technology advances related to collaborative robots suggest this technology will become more capable and commonplace.

Doosan Machine Tools America Names James Kim CEO

Doosan Machine Tools America has named James Kim, a 37-year-veteran of Doosan and former vice-president of its American Strategy & Planning department, its new CEO.

Methods Expands VMC Automation with Revised JobShop Cell Pro

Methods Machine Tools has revamped its JobShop Cell with a new Pro model that accommodates multiple infeed and outfeed options for high-mix, medium-volume machining.