CNC & Machine Controls

CGTech's OptiPath and Force Modules Prove Complementary

The OptiPath and Force modules of CGTech’s Vericut software have improved programming and cycle times at Ultra Machining Company.


Siemens and Ingersoll Expand Digital Enterprise Partnership

Siemens and Ingersoll are expanding their digital partnership to enable create digital twins of Ingersoll’s tools and further advance robotics and CNC.

CNC & Machine Controls

5 Tips for Selecting the Optimal Spindle Range

Learn how to select the appropriate spindle range and ensure that your CNC machining center or turning center is running an optimized cycle. 


Hexagon AB Set to Acquire D.P. Technology Corp.

Hexagon AB has signed a deal to acquire D.P. Technology, the developer of the ESPRIT CAM system. Hexagon believes this move will strengthen its Smart Manufacturing portfolio.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Voice Control of Machine Tools has Arrived

Voice interface technology has come of age and is now found on a wide variety of products such as phones, tablets, PCs, TV remotes and many other devices.  Why not on machine tools as well?


Sandvik Acquiring CGTech

Sandvik has signed a deal to acquire VERICUT developers CGTech, enhancing Sandvik’s ability to provide full machining solutions and increase its value proposition.

CNC & Machine Controls

3 Ways to Improve CNC Utilization Without Sacrificing Safety

Operator safety is the most important consideration when improving CNC machine utilization. 

CNC & Machine Controls

Omron Soft NA HMI Improves Usability

Omron Automation Americas has launched a software version of its NA5 human-machine interface that will run on the company’s IPC series to give end users more control over their machines.


Heidenhain Joins OMIC R&D

Heidenhain will provide OMIC R&D with immediate data gathering capability, and the two organizations plan to work together on training and workforce development. 


Five-Axis Conversational Programming from a Solid Model

This CNC feature imports a 3D solid model from which operators can perform conversational-type programming even for five-sided machining applications.