Outsourcing Optimizes Control Panel Construction

Given the multiple challenges associated with in-house panel building such as quality design, expertise, support and technology, outsourcing quickly becoming a viable option.


Automating Small NC Programming Tasks Pays Off Big Over Time

What started as a few Java macros the programmer whipped up to make life easier has grown to a shop-wide file management system integrated into other software, such as Vericut. 


Offline CNC Makes Precision Productive

Relieving the control of its calculation burden helps meet demand for increased volumes, faster deliveries and greater varieties of complex, mirror-finish components machined with diamond tools. 

Open Mind HyperMill Software Reduces Calculation Time

Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill 2019.1 CAD/CAM software includes an expanded finishing module in the Maxx Machining Performance package and process optimizations.

CNC & Machine Controls

Use Offset Data to Determine Turret Index Position

Determine the optimal index position based on cutting tools’ current geometry offset settings.

Siemens Sinamics G120X Used in Varied Applications

With horsepower ranging from 1 to 700, Sinamics G120X from Siemens is optimized for pump, fan and compressor applications. 

CNC & Machine Controls

Hurco's Max5 Control Can Now Import Solid 3D CAD Models Directly

The Hurco Max5 control now includes a 3D Import feature with 3D DXF technology enabling the user to load the file they receive from their customer directly into the Hurco control.

Harvey Tool Libraries Contain Many End Mill Options

Mastercam’s Tech Exchange website now includes Harvey Tool libraries.

CNC & Machine Controls

Fagor CNC Meets Aerospace Machine Shops' Accuracy Requirements

The CNC is seen as a complement to aerospace machine shops and those requiring extreme accuracy. 


Retrofitting and Updating Keep Milling Machine CNCs on the Cutting Edge

After struggling to achieve higher feed rates and accuracy for complex milling of large compression molds, Century Tool and Gage Co. retrofitted Fidia CNC control systems onto existing machining centers.