Save Time When Mounting Jaws on Three-Jaw Chucks

Precisely placing jaws on three-jaw chucks for CNC turning machines is difficult, but a laser pointer and clever programming can ease the issue.

Unlock Your Capacity with Automation

Download the collection to explore opportunities and challenges within machining automation.

New Walter Copy Turn System Offers Stability

Walter released the W-1011-P/WL25 Copy Turn system, with positive locking technology for enhanced stability, longer tool life and reduced vibrations, according to the company.

Kurt's RV36 Robotic Gripper Automatically Changes Fingers

Kurt Workholding’s RV36 Gripper allows automated finger or end effector changes without changing the gripper body.

Palmgren's Dual Force Precision CNC Vises Excel in Parallel

Palmgren says its Dual Force Precision CNC Vises excel in workholding situations where parts require multiple vises in parallel.

CEO Linda Pilvelis Retires from Dapra Corporation

Dapra CEO Linda Pilvelis has retired, with Shawn Lawlor succeeding her in the position.

Roemheld PC 80 Holds Prismatic and Round Parts

Roemheld’s PC 80 manual vises are compatible with prismatic and cylindrical components, changing between the two in minutes.

Industrial Magnetics To Acquire Walker Magnetics

Industrial Magnetics Inc. plans to acquire nearly all the assets of Walker Magnetics Group Inc.

SMW TX Series Chucks Operate Six Months Without Lubrication

SMW Autoblock TX Series three-jaw pull-down chucks features a symmetrical master-jaw design that promotes a long lifetime and consistent part quality.

Teknics's Zerolox Nano XP 80Z Provides Powerful Workholding

Teknics ZeroClamp says its Zerolox Nano XP 80Z Zero Point Workholding automation console provides over 5.5 tons of clamping force — and supports simple automation.

Kitagawa North-Tech Promotes Shawn Luschei to COO

Kitagawa North-Tech has promoted Shawn Luschei to COO of its North American operations. He was most recently the company’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

Innolift Streamlines Pallet Loading with XXL Straddle Loader

InnoLift USA says its XXL Straddle Loader simplifies pallet-load deliveries, its hydraulic self-lifting design improving employee safety and efficiency.

SMW's ZeroAct Offers Automated, Zero-Point Workholding

SMW Autoblok’s ZeroAct provides zero-point clamping across many applications, and features optimizations for applications requiring z-axis travel.

CNC Indexing & Feeding Partners with Röhm Products

CNC Indexing & Feeding has signed an agreement to act as Röhm Products of America’s manufacturing representative in five states, thus expanding its library of workholding and toolholding solutions.

Schunk Rota-M Flex 2+2 Maximizes Mill-Turn Flexibility

Schunk’s Rota-M flex 2+2 chuck jaw offers a level of flexibility that the company says is unmatched on the market and covers a wide range of part geometries.

Dillon Manufacturing Launches New Line of Vise Jaws

Dillon Manufacturing’s new line of vise jaws comes in a variety of materials, blanks and hardnesses, with an option for a wear-resistant Carbinite coating.

Mitee-Bite Fixtures Facilitate Large-Part Vertical Machining

Mitee-Bite Products’ fixtures demonstrated their powerful clamping support in a project with Akron Gear & Engineering to vertically hold a 1-ton ring during machining.

Midaco Hydraulic Docking System Requires No Hoses

Midaco has updated its automatic pallet changer system with a simple-to-use hydraulic docking system that requires no hose management.

Royal Products Releases Free 2021 Product Catalog

Royal Products' free, 168-page 2021 Machine Tool Performance Accessories catalog includes new additions to enhance precision metalworking productivity.

Choosing Workholding to Meet Machining Challenges

When it comes to workholding, shops can choose from options that can provide flexibility, help increase throughput and enable five-axis machining.  

Royal Products Hires New Regional Business Manager

Royal Products has hired Kendal Glotzbach as its new regional business manager for Indiana and Michigan.

Schunk Clamping Force Block Provides Automation Entry Point

Schunk’s Tandem PSG3-LH 100 clamping force block provides a low-maintenance solution for transitioning into automation for basic aluminum and plastics machining applications.

Dillon Pin Location Jaws Hold Deformation-Sensitive Parts

Dillon Manufacturing CNC mills its pin location jaws for air chucks to the highest possible workpiece location accuracy, better enabling them to hold thin-wall and deformation-sensitive parts.