Advances in CAD/CAM Make 5-Axis Machining Easier to Implement

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With advances in CAD/CAM technology, five-axis machining has grown easier to manage and markedly more productive. 


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Combined with the latest five-axis machine tool technology, dramatic reductions in both programming and machining time are possible for almost any shop.

CAM systems such as Autodesk’s PowerMill, Mastercam and Open Mind Technology’s hyperMILL, are evolving to make the application of five-axis machining easier, safer and more productive.

These systems have also evolved to support multi-flute cutters and barrel-shaped tools. You can program the tool shape so that the system can automatically generate tool paths with larger stepovers while maintaining or improving the machining tolerance to the surface model. The result is less need for blending, matching and stitching…READ MORE.