CYCLO COOL 900 Series

(Sponsored Content) MAG’s CYCLO COOL 900 cutting fluid series has a unique formula that performs well within the aerospace industry in replacing typical soluble oils and semi-synthetics. These fluids provide huge cost savings in reducing non-scheduled cleanings, fluid maintenance and usage of MWF additives. Customers are also able to recycle these fluids without excessive amount of maintenance, equipment and additives.


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CYCLO COOL 900, 910 and 920 are a family of unique, near neutral,pH synthetic formulas designed for the aerospace industry. In general, high pH (8.8 to 10) synthetics do not provide adequate non-ferrous corrosion protection. Due to the near neutral pH 7.6 to 7.8 (water: pH range 7.2 to 7.6), the CYCLO COOL 900 series provide adequate non ferrous corrosion protection on aerospace and automotive aluminums. The lubrication package within the CYCLO COOL 900 series are formulated for high speed (10,000 to 15,000 rpm) gantry type milling aerospace aluminum structures, to more severe operations such as drilling and tapping heat treat steel for the defense industry.

Recently, an aerospace customer witnessed tremendous cost savings using CYCLO COOL 900 versus other inexpensive soluble oils. The customer was constantly fighting “bio-masses”, pH fluctuations, mold, staining, high usage of fluid additives and downtime due to excessive central system and individual machine cleanings. By converting the facility to CYCLO COOL 900 the customer was able to install a “chip pucker” and begin recycling this fluid. Individual machine and central system cleanings are managed on a PM program eliminating non-scheduled downtime. The operator’s productivity increased due to less fluid maintenance and foul odors.

MAG’s CYCLO COOL cutting fluids consist of a large range of premium metalworking fluids designed for various metalworking manufacturing industries. To receive CYCLO CUT and CYCLO COOL product catalogs or for more information please contact Will Gruber at 859.534.4597, Will.Gruber@mag-ias.com, or Roger Romas at 859.534.4574, Roger.Romas@mag-ias.com, or email a request for quote to info-psus@mag-ias.com.