Gardner Business Media President Sees Meaning in General Media Attention to Manufacturing, Asks for Stories

Both the importance and the technological advance of manufacturing are becoming more widely seen. Modern Machine Shop’s publisher is helping with this visibility.


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Rick Kline, president of Gardner Business Media (publisher of Modern Machine Shop, Plastics Technology and other industrial media brands), posted this video noting the increased visibility of manufacturing in the general media. Examples he cites include NPR's coverage of a ventilator manufacturing success and his own recent Wall Street Journal op-ed. He sees meaning in this including a growing recognition of the importance of supporting a strong domestic manufacturing base, plus the extent to which manufacturing technology has advanced, seen for example in the ways 3D printing has responded to the COVID-19 crisis. 

He describes various ways Gardner Business Media is helping to raise this visibility, and closes with a call for stories from manufacturers. Companies wishing to share such stories can do so here.