Is it a Cleaning Fan or a Ceiling Fan?

You can’t miss the ginormous, rotating cleaning fan display above Lang Technovation’s booth. You also should think about how that simple product can help complete an automated machining process.


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The huge purple fan rotating over Lang Technovation’s booth in the East Building is bigger than a ceiling fan. But rather than cooling, its job is to grab your attention relative to the company’s smaller Clean Tec chip fans for machine tools. Although this is a seemingly modest product, it could be the final piece of your automated machining process puzzle.

These fans can perform automatic, in-process cleaning of parts, pallets or fixtures. The device can be stored in a machine’s automatic toolchanger like any other tool and inserted into the machine’s spindle when needed. The rotating fan blades, combined with coolant delivery, remove machined chips automatically, so an operator doesn’t have to use an air hose. This is helpful for processes in which the part needs to be unloaded via robot or some other means, but it can also be used mid-cycle to remove chips from a part to avoid recutting them, thereby extending cutting tool life.

The company is featuring push-button-operated “mock machine tools” in its booth to give you the opportunity to spin a Clean Tec Fan and get a sense of its cleaning power.

Lang Technovation is also unveiling a bit more sophisticated automation technology with its Robo Trex system. This robot loading system is designed to offer automation flexibility with a cost-effective price point. It features automation carts with vertically-oriented clamping devices to provide storage capacity of 168 workpieces in a relatively small footprint. This design is also said to provide easy accessibility when a cart is removed from the surrounding enclosure, so that operators can remove/reload parts.

Visit Lang Technovation’s booth to learn more about these and other solutions it offers to help you get the most out of an automated process.