Koepfer America Hosts Italy Gear Tour

Paying close attention to your daily operations is very important. So is taking the time to learn about and network with relevant suppliers both in the United States and abroad.


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Members of the “Italian Gear Tech Tour,” sponsored by Koepfer America. 

As important as it is to pay close attention to your business’s daily operations (and see how it ranks next to your peers), it’s also a good idea to occasionally break out of your routine and make time to network with suppliers both in the United States and abroad.

In this case, Koepfer America, a supplier to the gear manufacturing industry, recently made such an opportunity available to a select group of individuals by sponsoring the “Italian Gear Tech Tour” in November. Representatives of U.S. gear companies visited Italian machine and cutting tool manufacturers to learn about new technologies scheduled to be introduced in the North American market. Learn more about who attended, and their activities during the tour, here.