Let's Swiss It. Introducing the Swiss DT 26

In this Digital Demo, Tornos Technologies introduces and reviews its Swiss DT 26 machining features. (Sponsored)  


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In this Digital Demo, Tornos Technologies introduces its Swiss DT 26. Tornos reviews the product’s machining features including its sturdy base, spindles, the ACB Plus and optional plug-and-play B-axis. Tornos claims that the modular machining area can accommodate drilling, milling, thread whirling or gear hobbing. Additionally, the company reviews its customization options for the Swiss DT 26.

Tornos Technologies also reviews its Tisis software, which helps users manage their Tornos machining products. Users may add a connectivity pack to help communicate new programming directly to machines. The connectivity pack also enables users to monitor the production of the machine either onsite or offsite.

Swiss DT 26
Photo Credit: Tornos Technologies


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