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Quaser’s First IMTS (Sort of)

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Taiwan’s machine tool builder Quaser has its own booth at IMTS for the first time.


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Quaser (“qua” for quality, “ser” for service) is a Taiwanese manufacturer of automation-friendly five-axis machine tools as well as vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers (all with hand-scraped ways) and flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). This is the first time the company has had its own booth at IMTS (it had previously exhibited at the show as part of an importer’s booth). The company opened its own U.S. location in Rock Hill, South Carolina, in late 2016.

Quaser offers shop management software for its machine tools, too. This software enables access to job-specific information related to the part itself, fixturing, tooling and part programming as well as information such as job scheduling and prioritizing. Stop by and say, “Welcome (back).”


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