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Dear Reader. As the director of content and web here at Gardner Business Media (Publisher of Modern Machine Shop) I am more accustomed to … well, directing content than I am to writing it. But here’s my confession: I geek out over the holidays and all things gift-giving, and I begged to write this gift guide. The idea got a lukewarm reception—we are, after all, very serious journalists here at Gardner, and it’s not as if we regularly delve into the world of Favorite Things, à la Oprah.

But I’d argue that here at Gardner we have something better—a view into the real world of our readers. We cover Metalworking, Plastics, Composites, Mold Making, Automotive, Industrial Cleaning, Precision Machining, and Additive Manufacturing – so who would know better just the right gifts for the amazing, hard-working men and women in our industry?

Once the editorial teams here at Gardner got going, there was no stopping them. The recommendations came flooding in, and this list got HUGE. We know that a pocket loupe is helpful on a shop floor. That an industrial designer will appreciate the craftsmanship of a composite messenger bag. That women machinists are total badasses and deserve to show off their skills. That sophisticated upgrades on shop-floor necessities like safety glasses and steel toe shoes are an everyday luxury.

So here we go… drum roll please… the very first (dare I say ANNUAL?!) Gardner Editors’ Great Big Holiday Gift Guide.

Santa’s Job Shop, if you will. he he. 

Wishing you and yours a very healthy and happy holiday from all of us here at Gardner, 

 – Kate Hand, Director of Content and Web, Gardner Business Media

PS. If you buy a present from our list—please take a pic and post to social media so we can bask in all that second-hand gift-giving glow! Looking for fun manufacturing-related gifts for the kids in your life?  Check out 2020 Holiday Gifts for Future Manufacturers


Tiertime Up Mini 2

A Super Sweet (and Safe!) At-Home 3D Printer

“If you’re thinking about bringing a 3D printer into your home, keep in mind that even “safe” filaments like PLA still release nanoparticles that you don’t want to breathe. Look for an enclosed printer or consider adding one on to your purchase to minimize contact with emissions. Some enclosed models even include air filters, like the Tiertime Up Mini 2, which has a HEPA and activated carbon filter combination to deal with both nanoparticles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As an added bonus, an enclosure protects your 3D printer from drafts, dust, pets and other things that can interfere with a build.

“The quality of your 3D prints depends on the quality of the material that goes in. Many filaments are hygroscopic — meaning they’ll absorb moisture from the air which can affect how they print. Dry your filaments and keep them that way with a dryer and storage device like the SUNLU S1 dryer box.”– Stephanie Hendrixson, Senior Editor, Additive Manufacturing Media

Legos for Adults

Legos for ... Big Kids

“I think the ‘Lego Adults’ line actually seems pretty great for kids 10 and up who might have a mechanical aptitude. The end products are intriguing and the building offers an exercise in following instructions and thinking about the forms and components of structures and machinery around us. Also, a great respite into physicality for kids whose parents are worried they spend way too much time on screens and don’t know what to do about this.”  – Peter Zelinksi, Editor-in-Chief, Modern Machine Shop

EX Lap Diamond Sharpeners

EZE Lap Diamond Sharpeners 

“It comes in different grits for every occasion, and the set can easily fit in any stocking.” – MoldMaking Technology Editorial Advisory Board Member Jay Stuhler, Mold Maker, Accede Mold & Tool

Gerstner Retro Toolchest

Handcrafted Retro Tool Chest

A beautiful American-made tool chest from Gerstner, a company founded in 1884 and boasting a rich history. This gift is for someone really special to hold their really special tool collection. Recommended by Melissa Kline Skavlem, Chief Marketing Officer, Gardner Business Media

Faux-Fur-Lined Steel-Toed Shoe - General Gifts

Faux-Fur-Lined Steel-Toed Shoe

Once you get past that mouthful of a description, there’s a lot to love about LARNMERN’s shoe. This is not your grandpa’s steel-toed boot.  Not only is it perfect for use on the factory floor, the sole resists skidding, the design boasts some catchy colors, and the faux fur helps keep you warm for the winter.

Koral 3D Printed Bracelet

Koral 3D-Printed Bracelet

The Shapeways Marketplace is a virtual treasure trove of 3D printed jewelry, art and more. This stunning bracelet gets our pick for its soft, organic design. Recommended by Melissa Kline Skavlem, Chief Marketing Officer, Gardner Business Media  

Wolfpoint Watch - 2020 Machinist Gift Guide

Meticulously Engineered Wolfpoint Watch

“Take a look at the history and mission of the company. Wolfpoint is a fourth generation watchmaker, Chicago-based, and trying to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. Their story is interesting and their products are beautiful.”  – Rick Kline, Jr, President, Gardner Business Media

Machinist Belt Buckle - General Gifts


Machinist Belt Buckle

“You’ll love it or hate it from a glance, and if you love it, it will be like your version of novelty socks – except practical.” – Evan Doran, Assistant Editor, Gardner Business Media

Arburg Injection Molding Machine Made of Legos

Injection Molding Machine – Made of LEGOS!

This would be an amazing addition to a post-Covid break room. Recommended by MoldMaking Technology Editorial Advisory Board Member Camille Sackett Director, Business Development and Engineering Support, Accede Mold and Tool

Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner 

Shiny Things – Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner 

“This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner cleans more than just jewelry and does so with water alone, which means no purchasing extra chemicals that often accompany these machines. Tools, waterproof watches, coins, keychains, valves, machine nozzles, instruments and kitchen utensils as well as eyeglasses can all be cleaned in this 20-oz capacity machine!”  – Lori Beckman, Editor, Parts Cleaning



Discover Your Path to Success MMS Notebook

Modern Machine Shop Notebook

Did you know Gardner has a fun new merch shop? This beautifully designed notebook would make a perfect employee gift.


Pocket-Clipping Multi-Tool - General Gifts

Pocket-Clipping Multi-Tool from Gerber

A pocketknife is all well and good, but this 15-tool device lets you get a lot more bang for your buck. Whether the professional tradesman in your life needs something for on the go (it can clip onto a pants pocket!), or you just want to be better prepared than a Boy Scout, Gerber’s multi-tool does what you need it to do.

Machinist Shirt for Women

Lady Machinist T-Shirt

“For the woman in your life who is a cut above the rest, this t-shirt will let her show off her skills with pride.” – Jenny Rush, Digital Editor, Modern Machine Shop & Products Finishing

   Manufacturing Heroes T-Shirt

Manufacturing Heroes T-Shirt

Gardner's creative department got to work designing this t-shirt as the perfect gift for the essential manufacturing worker in your life. Find more designs in our new merch shop.

Geekey Multi-Tool - General Gifts

Geekey Multi-Tool

What’s better than a multi-tool? A novelty multi-tool, of course! This key-shaped multi-tool may look untraditional (and fun!) but don’t be fooled – it still has all the functionality.

Welding Routine Mug - General Gifts

Life of a Welder Mug


2020 Metalworking Holiday Gift Guide - Vertical Wireless Mouse

Vertical Wireless Mouse

A vertical mouse is easy on the wrist. Bonus: this model stays charged and wireless for a full four months. Recommended by MoldMaking Technology Editorial Advisory Board Member Kyle Joseph, Design Engineer, Accede Mold and Tool

2020 Metalworking Holiday Gift Guide - Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light-Blocking Glasses 

Give the gift of less eye strain and better sleep. This pair also comes with on-trend style and handcrafted Italian acetate frames, so win-win. Recommended by MoldMaking Technology Editorial Advisory Board Member Kyle Joseph, Design Engineer, Accede Mold and Tool

Carry forward the benefits of less eye-strain on the job with these sleekly designed safety glasses, which helpfully follow an “anti-fog” design that improves their functionality in humid or hot-to-cold-and-back-again environments.

2020 Metalworking Holiday Gift Guide Space Mouse

Spacemouse Compact 3D Mouse

For the Industrial Designer in your life: “intuitive, effortless and precise 3D navigation in CAD applications.” Recommended by MoldMaking Technology Editorial Advisory Board Member Charlie Daniels, CFO, Wepco Plastics

2020 Metalworking Holiday Gift Guide - Grease Monkey Charcoal Soap

Grease Monkey Activated Charcoal (Mechanic) Soap

A stocking stuffer for the Mold Builder in your life: clean hands! Our favorite review states: “My husband is a union iron worker and is always coming home filthy. He always washes his hands with regular hand soap and drys them off on my clean towels, which ALWAYS leaves left over dirt/steel shaving on my clean towels. I needed to find something for him that works good so he could stop getting my towels so dirty!”  Recommended by MoldMaking Technology Editorial Advisory Board Member Charlie Daniels, CFO, Wepco Plastics

2020 Metalworking Holiday Gift Guide - Bluetooth Numeric Keypad

Bluetooth Numeric Keypad

For the company accountant: this aluminum keypad is rechargable, bluetooth enabled, blissfully cord-free, and super lightweight without feeling cheap. Perfect work-at-home accessory. Recommended by MoldMaking Technology Editorial Advisory Board Member Charlie Daniels, CFO, Wepco Plastics

For anyone in plastics who’s more of a film buff, this t-shirt is worth a laugh.

2020 Metalworking Holiday Gift Guide - Rhino Feet Pallet Alternative

Rhino Feet (AKA – The End of Wooden Pallets!)

“I discovered this cool invention when on-site at United Tool & Mold for my January 2019 cover story. These feet are actually magnetic support pads that are designed to keep materials elevated off of surfaces and they travel with the workpiece. The concept, according to Rhino Products, LLC, came from decades of scientific research on how a rhinoceros can support its massive body weight with relatively small feet.” – Christina Fuges, Editor in Chief, MoldMaking Technology

Home Code Mug - General Gifts

Home Code Mug

Wordplay meets G-code meets a hot drink. What’s not to love?

Farm to Table Manufacturing T-Shirt

Farm to Table Manufacturing – American Made Sweatshirt

A very cozy show of pride from our very own merch shop


2020 Metalworking Holiday Gift Guide- Handheld Laser Themometer

Handheld Infrared Thermometer

“Here’s a cool little toy that helps monitor steel temps, molded part temps, personal temps, etc. I find once I have this infrared pyrometer in my hand, I’m checking the temperature of everything around me within a 6-foot radius!”  – MoldMaking Technology Editorial Advisory Board Member Dave DiCarlo, Michael Tool & Mold

3 Lens Loupe

3-Lens Pocket Loupe 

“In this business you are constantly looking at plastic parts; one that you just molded, one in a grocery store, or horrible looking one from your customer that was molded by your competitor's tool. With my old ass eyes I cannot see anything up close anymore; so I carry a Bausch & Lomb 3-Lens Loupe; so small you do not even know it is in your pocket until you lose it! It won’t make you younger, but it help you to see as if you were. That young engineer holding the part only 4 inches from their nose, with their naked eye, is pointing to 0.025” of flash on your competitor's parts and you can’t see it … or enjoy the moment properly!”

Oh, and when I forget my glasses, I use it to order from the menu too, you would be surprised how often you use it.”  – MoldMaking Technology Editorial Advisory Board Member Brian Dippel, Operations Manager, X-Cell Tool and Mold, 2019 Leadtime Leader winner

rechargeable penlight with holster

USB Rechargeable Penlight with Holster

“This small flashlight clips and hangs in your pocket and again you do not even know that it is there.  You will use this thing even more than your loupe, it is small but it will light up you back yard. (350 Lumens) Looking at it directly is uncomfortable, it literally will blind someone for 3-5 seconds even if you just flash it in their eyes for ½ a second. (So maybe useful as personal safety too?) – Brian Dippel, Operations Manager, X-Cell Tool and Mold, 2019 Leadtime Leader winner


Steel Scale

Engraved Steel Scale (Useful + Meaningful!)

Get this useful scale engraved with a beautiful message. Recommended by MoldMaking Technology Editorial Advisory Board Member James Jergens, EG Industries – Pixley, Operations Manager



ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector - GPS, Directional Alerts, Dual Antenna Front and Rear, Bluetooth Connectivity, Voice Alerts, OLED Display, Escort Live

Escort Max 360 Laser Radar Detection

“No, we don’t recommend speeding. But sometimes you just want ... situational awareness.” – Gary Vasilash, Editor-in-Chief, Autobeat

NOCO GENIUS1, 1-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger, 6V And 12V Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, And Battery Desulfator With Temperature Compensation

1-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger and Battery Desulfator with Temperature Compensation

Sometimes that battery just needs a jolt. – Gary Vasilash, Editor-in-Chief, Autobeat

FOVAL Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI for Car Truck Pickup Bicycle Instant Read

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with Instant Read with Backlit LCD and Non-Slip Grip

Throw one of these into your glove compartment because one day that tire sensor monitor is going to go off. – Gary Vasilash, Editor-in-Chief, Autobeat

Driving gloves

Fingerless Driving Gloves (for the fancy ladies and gentlemen in your life)

Yes, not very useful if you live where it is cold, but these gloves (1) look cool and (2) let you look forward to summer. – Gary Vasilash, Editor-in-Chief, Autobeat

Don’t buy these shoes unless you know how to drive with three pedals. OK. Also maybe if you want to look like you can. – Gary Vasilash, Editor-in-Chief, Autobeat

LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron - Gifts for Automobile Enthusiasts


Bugatti Chiron LEGO Technic

If you or your teen loves cars, this intricate LEGO Technic replica of the Bugatti Chiron is a great way to showcase it. Just be sure you can take care of it – with over 3,500 pieces, this set is as expansive as it is expensive!


carbon fiber corkscrew

Carbon Fiber Professional Corkscrew

“2020 has driven a lot of us to drink, so one can’t open that next bottle of wine with just any corkscrew. This carbon fiber corkscrew will do the job every time, and it’s priced accordingly.”  – Jeff Sloan, Editor-in-Chief, CompositesWorld


Carbon fiber kayak paddles

Carbon Fiber Paddles for Canoe or Kayak

“Who wants to be out paddling in nature with a product that doesn't match up to your own love of the outdoors? Lightweight, high performance and made from 100% recycled carbon fiber, Whitewater Technology’s wide paddle range offers up brains and beauty minus the waste, so that you can commit yourself without the environmental impact.”  – Grace Nehls, Assistant Editor, CompositesWorld


upcycled carbon fiber skateboard boards

Upcycled Carbon Fiber Skateboard Boards

“As the product arm of the recycling/upcycling company Elevated Materials, 121C skateboards offered some of the first commercially sold products made from recycled carbon fiber composites. That alone makes them worth supporting. But the designs are also really unique, not your average skateboard, and the company was started by an engineering student from the University of Southern California. They’re cool, recycled and a testimony to entrepreneurial engineers.” – Ginger Gardiner, Senior Editor, CompositesWorld



TUMI Carbon Fiber Crossbody Bag - Gifts for Composites Enthusiastss

Carbon Fiber Travel Gear

“TUMI's collection of luxury suitcases, backpacks and other travel necessities are both stylish and promise the quality and durability of carbon fiber composites made from carbon fiber composite innovator Carbitex.”  – Hannah Mason, Associate Editor, CompositesWorld


Carbon Fiber t-shirt

Carbon Fiber Shirt

“The Vollebak carbon fiber shirt looks like a run-of-the-mill black shirt, but it features 120 meters of carbon fibers woven into it, which gives it uncommon durability, stretchability and abrasion resistance. It might just last forever.”  – Jeff Sloan, Editor-in-Chief, CompositesWorld

Carbon Fiber Pen

Carbon Fiber Pen (always popular at trade shows)

“Everyone likes a good pen, but everyone loves a good pen with an aesthetically pleasing grip that features a carbon fiber weave. It’s a small price to pay for such a satisfying writing instrument.” – Jeff Sloan, Editor-in-Chief, CompositesWorld

Carbon Fiber Phone Case

Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

 “For the tech-savvy and eco-conscious on your list, Pela Case offers a variety of colorful, compostable phone cases and other tech accessories made from biopolymer and flax fiber composites. Sustainable, durable, and they look cool, too.”  – Hannah Mason, Associate Editor, CompositesWorld