Video: A Matchmaker for Manufacturing

A Kentucky company bases its business model on connecting OEMs with job shops that have unfilled machining capacity, supporting these building blocks of local and state economies.


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Whether running the machines or writing about them, those of us involved in manufacturing realize the critical role job shops play in the success of any country’s industrial enterprise. These smaller operations are both agile and efficient, able to respond quickly to the needs of customers with short lead times and low batch sizes. Individually, they are good employers in their communities and pump revenue into the local coffers. Collectively, these job shops form an impressive economic force, both statewide and nationally.

MakeTime—a Kentucky-based startup that matches the needs of OEMs with the available machine capacity of job shops, creating an online marketplace of “distributed manufacturing” profiled in this article—has produced a video spotlighting the contribution that small machine shops play in the state’s economy. While this short piece does a great job of tailoring the presentation to the culture and character of Kentucky, it’s just the sort of message that most states wish to convey to the larger world about their manufacturing base. It also sums up the sense of excitement that all of us at Modern Machine Shop feel when visiting a manufacturing operation that’s really busy and firing on all cylinders.