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Video: New Customizable Consumer Car to Be Made by Additive Manufacturing

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The sponsor of the upcoming Additive Manufacturing Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, has revealed the electric car that it will produce in this city.


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Local Motors released this video in conjunction with its announcement this week that it expects to have an electric car for sale to consumers next year, which will be made on-demand through additive manufacturing using the large-scale 3D printing system that has already been proven on previous 3D printed cars. Just one of the virtues of an additive approach to production is customizability within short lead times, and Local Motors says buyers of this new car will be able to customize it by choosing colors and trim.

Local Motors is a sponsor of the Additive Manufacturing Conference (organized by this publication), October 20-21 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville is where Local Motors soon expects to open a factory for manufacturing this newly announced car.



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