ANCA Group Appoints CEO

Dr. Christopher Hegarty will become ANCA's new CEO July 1, 2018.

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The ANCA Group is appointing Dr. Christopher Hegarty CEO. He will succeed Grant Anderson, who is retiring from the position after eight years. Dr. Hegarty joined the company in July 2017 as the engineering manager of CNC machines. Later, he was appointed to general manager of that division.

Pat Boland, joint co-founder, says, “Having worked with Chris over the last year, I am confident of his vision for ANCA and know that his global experience and in-depth understanding of manufacturing will ensure a strong future for our business.”

Dr. Hegarty says, “I look forward to strengthening ANCA’s position in our core markets and taking up the challenge of addressing new markets. We will redouble our efforts to leverage our technology, research and development capability, and deep industry knowledge to design new products and innovations that support our customers.”

Dr. Hegarty has extensive experience working for machine tool manufacturers in Europe and Australasia, including over fifteen years’ experience as CEO or general manager for other organizations.