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Bourn & Koch Acquires Manufacturer of Waterjet Orifices, Nozzles

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Diamond Technology Innovations also makes 3D printer nozzles.

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Bourn & Koch (Rockford, Illinois), a subsidiary of Alleghany Capital Corp., has acquired Diamond Technology Innovations (DTI; Olympia, Washington), a manufacturer of waterjet orifices, nozzles and related products.

“The acquisition of DTI enhances Bourn & Koch’s existing business in machine tool consumables and spare parts, and provides an entrance into the waterjet market,” says Terry Derrico, Bourn & Koch president. “Waterjet is one of the faster-growing segments within the machine tool industry,” he adds.

Ted Jernigan, president of DTI, will continue in his role, and the company’s day-to-day operations will not be impacted by the transaction, according to Bourn & Koch.

DTI offers a variety of waterjet orifice materials including low-cost, short-life ruby and sapphire; mid-grade, low-cost/high-performance TetraCore; and premium-grade DTICore Diamond. In addition to orifices, the company has also created nozzles for the 3D printing industry. And in 2010, the company designed and manufactured diamond nozzles for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which are still in use on the Mars Curiosity Rover today. 


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