8/28/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Celeritive Technologies Joins Orderfox.com as Strategic Partner

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As part of the partnership, new registrants to Orderfox.com can use a promo code to get a free year-long license to VoluMill Nexion Essentials CAM software.


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Following the announcement that Autodesk is becoming a strategic partner of Orderfox.com, the website has announced that Celeritive Technologies Inc., developer of VoluMill and VoluTurn, is also partnering with Orderfox.com. 

“At Orderfox.com, we look at operational efficiencies not just from a capacity standpoint, but also in regards to how members can benefit from focused research, industry knowledge and cost-saving measures through the use of proper solutions,” says Brian J. Smith, Orderfox America president. “As we analyzed the status of the industry, and where we think it will lead in the future, regardless of physical locations, we feel that having the right partners in place will provide added benefits. And utilizing the right tools like what Celeritive offers will ultimately and effectively provide our community members a competitive advantage.”

“With more than a decade of success in helping manufacturers identify profit and revenue opportunities, Celeritive’s decision to partner with Orderfox.com was simple,” says Greg Saisselin, vice president of sales and marketing for Celeritive Technologies. “It’s easy to understand the value and benefits for our larger customers who are actively seeking job shop services, or for job shops looking to gain exposure into a much broader global market.”

With this new partnership comes the launch of VoluMill Nexion Essentials, Celeritive’s platform-independent tool path generation software for rough milling that works with any CAD or CAM system. Combined with the Orderfox.com platform, manufacturers can use VoluMill to increase capacity, reduce costs and find new revenue opportunities via the free Orderfox.com network. 

For a limited time, new Orderfox registrants can receive a one-year, no-cost license of VoluMill Nexion Essentials. Those wishing to take advantage of this limited offer can visit volumill.com/orderfox and enter the promo code VOLUMILL01. Only new registrants who sign up through the Celeritive Technologies link will quality.