12/26/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Heidenhain Releases Online CNC Training Program

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Heidenhain’s Heidenhain Interactive Training (HIT) 3.0 is said to provide advanced and apprentice-level CNC training and practice with Klartext programing and DIN/ISO programming within its three-axis machining learning packet.


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HEIDENHAIN will be exhibiting new technology at IMTS 2020 in Chicago this September.

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Heidenhain’s online CNC learning program, Heidenhain Interactive Training (HIT) 3.0, is said to provide advanced and apprentice-level training for NC users utilizing Heidenhain TNC protocols.

The three-axis machining learning program has been revised. With the guided programming function, the user is said to gain realistic practice with Klartext programming and DIN/ISO programming within the learning packet. Errors in operation are excluded by the learning software. Users receive tips when they make incorrect entries, and the respective solution can be checked in the feedback system’s help function. This feedback system determines how successfully an exercise or test has been performed.

The “Milling: 3-Axis Machining” learning packet in HIT 3.0 serves as an introduction to the NC programming of Heidenhain controls and is suitable for either self-learning or classroom instruction, says the company. It consists of the following modules:

  • The multimedia Learning Software explains all of the necessary control functions and does so using media such as videos, animations and interactions. Programming animations compatible with the control (guided programming) aid learning. Progress can be checked with timed tests.
  • The Guidebook serves as a summary of the programming-relevant content and as a reference work after completion of the learning package.
  • The Programming Station is the PC version of the machine tool control. With the free demo version of the Programming Station, all of the HIT programming exercises can be worked through and graphically simulated. The virtual keyboard simulates control-specific dialog prompting.

HIT 3.0 can run in PC browsers and on mobile devices that use Android, iOS and Windows 10 operating systems.


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