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5/9/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

MC Machinery Moves into New Chicago-Area Headquarters

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The new facility represents a 76-percent increase in square footage, with added amenities enabling better turnaround and customer service.


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MC Machinery Systems Inc. has officially moved into its new headquarters located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The new 175,000-square-foot facility honors the history and stability of MC Machinery while supporting the growing future, the company says. The facility is a 76-percent increase in square footage from the previous facility located in Wood Dale, Illinois.

“When deciding on a location for our new facility, we wanted to stay close to Chicago’s interstate 90 due to the numerous partners in the area as well as the proximity to O’Hare International Airport,” says Patrick Simon, senior marketing and corporate planning manager. “But our main concern was our employees and customers. We wanted to provide them a new state-of-the-art place to come to work everyday with updated technological resources that enable us to better serve our customers.”

Key features of the new facility include a 50,000-square-foot showroom; a machine refurbishment area dedicated to reconditioning pre-owned machines (known as the Encore program), leading to quicker turnaround and more availability; an advanced laboratory and clean room to accommodate PC board repairs; a call center enabling customer service representatives to diagnose machine issues quickly and connect customers with the right applications manager; the MC Remote 360 Central Station, an area where MC Machinery’s remote monitoring software is used to diagnose disruptions to customer’s operations before they happen; and a modern employee cafeteria with healthy food options.


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