Metalworking Fluid Manufacturer Yushiro Acquiring QualiChem

Yushiro is described as the largest supplier of metalworking fluids in the Asia Pacific region.

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Yushiro Manufacturing America Inc., a subsidiary of Yushiro Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., is acquiring QualiChem Inc. (Salem, Virginia), in what is being called a global strategic partnership in the area of metalworking fluids. 

Yushiro is described as the largest supplier of metalworking fluids in the Asia Pacific region, and QualiChem is described as one of the fastest-growing metalworking fluids businesses in North America. This partnership will allow Yushiro and QualiChem to leverage their respective product lines, R&D, supply chain, and manufacturing capabilities to expand each company’s technology, products and services to the global metalworking and water treatment markets.

“We have known and admired QualiChem for a long time. We respect QualiChem’s technology, products and salesforce,” says Eiichi Ogo, president and CEO of Yushiro Chemical Industry. “QualiChem is a leading supplier, not only in the aerospace industry, but to the entire metalworking and water treatment marketplace. Sales growth is expected by the synergies brought together through Yushiro product sales utilizing QualiChem’s sales network in the U.S. Also, I believe QualiChem’s products will be highly valued throughout the world by the global companies in the Yushiro group.” 

“This is an excellent opportunity for our distributors, customers and employees,” says Glenn Frank, president of QualiChem. “Yushiro’s extensive R&D capabilities and complementary sales channels will help us to better serve our existing customer base. Additionally, Yushiro’s 12 manufacturing plants throughout Asia, North America and South America will provide immediate entry into new markets for our metalworking fluids and water treatment products.”

QualiChem will continue to be led by its current leadership team, comprised of Glenn Frank, president, and Dennis Butts, executive vice president.