Mitutoyo and Kitov Partnering, Developing Combined Solutions

Mitutoyo and Kitov have partnered to combine the innovations of Mitutoyo’s metrology solutions and Kitov’s AI, robotics and computer vision technologies.


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A photo of the Kitov One inspection system

Mitutoyo Corporation and Kitov Systems have signed a partnership agreement enabling Mitutoyo to integrate Kitov’s technologies across its metrology solutions.

As part of the agreement, Mitutoyo will invest and become a shareholder in Kitov. The agreement also establishes the framework for joint development of solutions that combine Mitutoyo’s measurement technologies and Kitov’s planning and inspection technologies.

Kitov says its proprietary AI, robotics and computer vision technologies allow complete semantic understanding of the part or product under inspection, including its 3D structure and components. This results in automated, cost-effective visual inspection and measurement solutions that the company says improve quality control and reduce manufacturing costs.

“While constantly striving to identify the best complementary technologies for our leading metrology systems, we have been seeking an effective technology that can help us fully automate and further enhance our measurement and inspection solutions,” says Yoshiaki Numata, Mitutoyo president. “Kitov’s technology is an advanced and innovative solution that meets Mitutoyo’s high standards.”

“The Kitov solution is already deployed by leading electronics, automotive and aerospace manufacturers in Europe, China, USA, Mexico and Israel,” says Hanan Gino, CEO of Kitov. “We are proud to team up with Mitutoyo, a global leader in the metrology industry, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce our unique technology to this industry. We value our strategic partnership with Mitutoyo, which will allow us to integrate our software platform into advanced manufacturing environments that are constantly seeking to achieve high quality control.”


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