Parker Hannifin Launches Minisite for Industrial Clean Air Equipment

The new mobile-friendly website features the DustHog, SmogHog, Kleentek and other industrial filtration clean air solutions and equipment.

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The Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation division of Parker Hannifin Corp., a global manufacturer of motion and control technologies, has launched a new mobile-friendly website featuring the DustHog, SmogHog, Kleentek and other industrial filtration clean air solutions and equipment. The website can be found here.

“We are excited about our new website. Things at Parker are coming together with the SmogHog product line we acquired, and we want to be sure our customers can find our product representatives. The new website uses a locator tool so customers can find reps in their area,” says John Lucidi, business unit manager.

This minisite offers several resources for customers, including an interactive equipment map, a resource library with the latest product information, product registration, an area sales representative locator and more. Customers can expect more content to be added, including videos and training information, in the future. 

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