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SmartCAMcnc Offers Software Under New Subscription Model

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Because the high cost of a perpetual-use license is often an impediment to shops, the company is adopting the increasingly common annual subscription model, which lowers the entry cost for its CAM software. 


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In response to changing market demand, SmartCAMcnc is adding an annual subscription option to its existing perpetual-use licenses. The company says that high acquisition costs are often cited as an impediment to CNC machine shops obtaining the CAM software they need.

For many years, the CAD and CAM industries have seen accelerated growth in subscription-only software offerings, which is a major depart ure from the decades-old model of buying a software use license with a maintenance contract. Because both approaches have their place in the market, SmartCAMcnc, says, the company now offers a choice.

New annual subscription customers pay no upfront software license fees, which are said to make up the bulk of startup costs for many shops. An annual subscription for production-level SmartCAM software products start as low as $75 per month, and can be renewed at the customer’s option.

“SmartCAM customers now have more flexibility in their software configuration and deployment, and can benefit from the lower acquisition costs,” says Gregg Olson, president. “All subscription offerings include the high-quality SmartCAM software and technical support customers have enjoyed for over 30 years.”


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