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11/7/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

SST Opens New EDM Consumables Facility in Connecticut

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The company has many roots in the region through Global EDM Supplies, which was acquired and integrated into SST by Makino earlier in 2017.


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SST, a global distributor of machine tool and consumable brands, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony October 30, 2017, to officially open its new facility in New Britain, Connecticut. The facility will serve as the company’s EDM consumables headquarters, enabling SST to better reach manufacturers seeking machine tools and EDM supplies, and to offer greater product diversity, including the full line of Makino machine tools.

Dating back to 1995, Global EDM Supplies forged its relationship in the New Britain community. Following the merger of Global EDM Supplies and SST, the opportunity exists to grow the history, leadership and established philosophy around the consumables business within the region and beyond, according to SST. 

“Global EDM Supplies has deep roots in New Britain, and with that comes strong customer relationships and an experienced employee base that we wanted to sustain and grow. Even though we have a new name and new facility, we are the same people dedicated to fueling the manufacturing industry within this region,” says Tom Kucharski, Consumable Sales and Operations Manager.

The 40,000-square-foot space is set to open November 18 and is designed to house the combined workforce of SST Consumables and Global EDM Supplies, including the service, application, sales and operation departments. Additionally, a Makino showroom is incorporated into the facility for machine demonstrations and training, along with an ample warehouse to ensure product availability and quick delivery.


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