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United Grinding Plans for May Grinding Symposium in Switzerland


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The United Grinding Group is hosting a Grinding Symposium May 8-10, 2019, in Thun, Switzerland. This will be the fourth such event, focusing on the issues of networked production, machine learning and intelligent workpieces. The group is inviting experts in hard fine machining internationally. 

In 16 expert talks, experts will discuss current and future developments in the grinding machine and production industries. There will be 13 presentations of use cases in which Mägerle, Blohm, Jung, Studer, Schaudt, Mikrosa, Walter and Ewag present their latest hardware and software solutions, including three new products.

“With the Grinding Symposium we offer our guests a forum for international, expert exchange at a top-class level,” says Stephan Nell, CEO of the group. Evening social events will facilitate mingling, discussion and networking. 

Because of the 2019 Grinding Symposium’s international attendance, material will be presented in German, English, French and Italian.


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