Vollmer Breaks Ground on Pennsylvania Facility

Vollmer’s new building will include doubled warehouse space, a larger showroom and an in-house gym for employees. 

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Vollmer of America has broken ground at its new location in Findlay Township, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh Airport. The new 29,200-square-foot building is expected to be finished March 2020.

The sales and service subsidiary has been in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, for the last 22 years. Having outgrown its capacities, the company decided in 2018 to construct a new building, tripling the size of the showroom to allow for more machine demonstrations and training for customers as well as new employees. The building will include doubled warehouse space for machine availability, a larger showroom for machine demonstrations and training as well as an in-house gym for employees. 

Vollmer Group, which has more than 800 employees worldwide, specializes in grinding and erosion machines in the woodworking and metalworking industries. The North American subsidiary currently has 28 employees, 21 of which are based out of the Carnegie office in Pennsylvania. The other seven are located throughout the United States to cover more ground in sales and service.

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