Xometry Pay Streamlines Payment For Custom Jobs

Xometry Pay streamlines the payment process for small- and medium-sized manufacturers scheduling custom jobs through Xometry.


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Custom manufacturing marketplace Xometry has released Xometry Pay, a suite of payment products that enables machine shops and custom manufacturers to quickly accept credit cards and offer payment terms for their customers within Xometry. This product is available to manufacturers currently in Xometry’s network as well as the broader manufacturing community.

“Xometry’s success to date has come from building a network of small- and medium-sized manufacturers and delivering work to them through our AI-driven platform,” says Randy Altschuler, Xometry CEO. “Xometry Pay represents the expansion of our offerings. Xometry is now ​the destination for small manufacturers to improve their business efficiency. Whether you choose to accept jobs through our platform or on your own, Xometry will manage collection and offer predictable payment terms to you and your customers.”

Xometry Pay follows the release of the Xometry Advance Card and FastPay — two tools that enhance cash flow flexibility. With Xometry Pay, ​the company says any ​manufacturer can use these services on any ​job. This includes 30% payment advances at the start of the job, accelerated payments and a variety of other options.

Manufacturers and their customers can begin using these services immediately after filling out a simple online registration form, with Xometry not requiring any commitments. The company is offering a free 90-day introductory period to encourage custom manufacturers to see how Xometry Pay can benefit their business.