168 Manufacturing's FullShop Automates Coolant Delivery for 120 Machines

168 Manufacturing’s FullShop automated coolant delivery system can deliver properly mixed coolant to multiple CNC machines without human intervention.


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168 Manufacturing FullShop

168 Manufacturing’s FullShop automated coolant delivery system can deliver properly mixed coolant to multiple CNC machines without human intervention. The system monitors coolant usage at the machine tool sump and automatically replenishes the coolant before it runs low to keep the spindles spinning around the clock. The turnkey system consists of a centralized pumping station, controler, distribution manifolds and a small sensor that drops into the machine tool sump to report level and temperature.

With its compact footprint and modular design, a single FullShop system is said to be capable of automating coolant for up to 120 CNC machines delivering 5,760 gal. of coolant a day. It enables lights-out manufacturing, allowing machine shop owners to run high-volume jobs unattended overnight, the company says.

Features of the FullShop system include:

  • Per-machine concentrations with closed-loop flow meter measurement
  • Internet-enabled features like email alarm notification, data reporting, remote operations and maintenance
  • Advanced human-machine interface 
  • A rugged design intended for years of service
  • Remote distribution nodes for clean installation
  • Optional de-foamer dosing functionality


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    Unfortunately, along with this shop's successful growth rate came some new problems, the same problems experienced by many other companies: coolant odor, dermatitis outbreaks and rust.

  • Ozone Provides Solution To Bacteria In Coolants

    Bacterial growth in metalworking fluids eventually leads to machine downtime. Furthermore, shop owners and plant managers see an increased cost of purchasing replacement fluids and the disposal of spent fluids.

  • The 400° Difference

    Cryogenic machining achieves dramatic tool life gains not by flooding the cut, but by refrigerating the tool.