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3D Printer Can Run For a Week Hands-Free

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IMTS 2018: Sodick’s large-capacity OPM350L metal 3D printer/CNC hybrid expands the usable work area and introduces the Material Recovery System (MRS) unit.


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Sodick’s large-capacity OPM350L metal 3D printer/CNC machining hybrid expands the usable work area over its OPM250L model, and introduces the Material Recovery System (MRS) unit. With the MRS unit in place, the printer can run for a week without any human intervention, the company says, consuming just 30 kg of metal powder. The machine and the MRS unit enable manufacturers to 3D print metal parts nearly 14" in the X, Y and Z axes and machine these surfaces to below 9 root square mean in one setup. With an in-process correction system, the printer can recover from would-be build failures without operator intervention.

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