Beaumont's FH30 Fast Hole EDM Provides Accurate Axis Movement


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The FH30 from Beaumont Machine is a fast-hole EDM with 16-axis capability, a rotary table with accuracy ranging from 3 to 5 arcseconds and repeatability ranging to 0.0002". With an electrode capacity of 24" (diameters from 0.012" to 0.250"), this machine is useful for aerospace, medical, power generation and semiconductor applications. Onboard drive resolution and absolute encoders provide high accuracy and rapid traverse speeds ranging to 400 ipm in the X, Y and Z axes, with 200-ipm rapid traverse speeds in the W axis. The X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measure 30" × 20" × 26", and the machine’s spindle speed is 3,000 rpm. 

The machine features an automatic electrode changer and robotic toolchangers. Siemens and other CNCs are available.


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