Blum-Novotest’s LC50-DigiLog Generates Thousands of Measurement Values per Second

Westec 2019: Blum-Novotest’s LC50-DigiLog is redeveloped for speed, precision and in-process reliability of tool measurement in machine tool.


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Blum-Novotest’s LC50-DigiLog has been redeveloped for speed, precision and in-process reliability of on-machine tool measurement. The LC50-DigiLog generates thousands of measurement values per sec., whereas Blum’s digital/switching laser measuring systems, which use NT technology, generates a small number of signals for recording measurements.

The Blum SmartDock’s standard interface contains all necessary pneumatic valves in addition to the electrical, mechanical and pneumatic connections between the machine and laser measuring system. Measurement and testing times have also been shortened by up to 60 percent. The optics in the system have also been improved with an optimized beam shape and a 30 percent smaller focus diameter.

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