Chiron's Variocell Pallet Pairs with FZ/DZ 16 Five-Axis VMC


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Chiron Variocell Pallett

The Chiron Variocell Pallet automation cell enables the company’s FZ/DZ 16 five-axis VMC to produce small batches of a variety of workpieces productively and flexibly. Different raw parts can be clamped in one of 10 pallets mounted on a rotary table. The handling system guides one raw part after another to the machining center and removes the machined workpieces together with the pallet after the machining process is complete. A palletized part can also be machined while another is loaded.

The system can access the machining center’s work area with a transfer trolley, which is equipped with driven rollers and can be moved in three directions, avoiding the inflexibility said to be associated with rail-type systems. 

The company also offers other Variocell products, such as the robot-based Variocell System and the Variocell Uno, which combines a compact robot and a 24-pallet storage unit that takes up less than 1 square meter of floorspace.