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Collimation Module Connects Fiber-Coupled Lasers

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Scanlab offers a collimation module for reliable connection of fiber-coupled lasers.

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Scanlab offers a collimation module for reliable connection of fiber-coupled lasers. The industrial-strength fiber coupler helps transform scan heads into a system that can be integrated in laser processing machines. When combined with disc or fiber lasers (particularly lasers up to 5 kW), it is said to enable cost-efficient welding and cutting.

The collimation module transforms larger-aperture scan systems (typically 30 mm) into flexible, combinable 2D-scan solutions for welding and cutting. The module features a robust fiber-coupler housing; a water-cooled, stainless-steel entrance aperture; and a replaceable window protecting the collimation optic. The focal position can be manually adjusted to the working distance for precision. A camera adapter is available for process control and workpiece position detection.


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