Conquering Large-Part Machining with Toyoda’s Bridge Machining Centers

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On large components, there are various factors that can greatly affect machining accuracy such as part handling, setup and thermal expansion. Toyoda’s lineup of double-column bridge machining centers features vibration-damping Meehanite cast iron bases, coolant filtration systems and fully-equipped FANUC controls, providing the power, stability and durability required for large-part manufacturing.

Toyoda’s leading CNC bridge mill, the SB316YM, features an extended Y-axis travel of up to 2,300 mm (90.5"), ideal for machining a wider array of workpieces. The machine includes an M-spec option that gives customers the ability to machine five faces in a single setup. It is a fully programmable, automated system that allows machining with five-degree indexing on the head. This model also has an automatic head changer and toolchanger in the horizontal and vertical orientations.

As the newest addition to Toyoda’s bridge lineup, the Stealth VB215 gives job shops maximum performance for heavy cutting applications. The cast iron headstock is paired with a 6,000-rpm, two-speed, geared-head spindle. This combination ensures high revolution accuracy and excellent vibration-damping capabilities, while the compact Z-axis crossrail design allows for heavy cutting and smooth, stable drilling operations.

Both models offer customized production-enhancing technology in the control software package. From optimized contour cutting to cutting feed adaptive control, the exclusive WELE software function expands the performance and flexibility of the bridge machine to give Toyoda customers the competitive edge when machining large and heavy workpieces.

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