Contouring Head Enables Multitasking on HMCs


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Fives offers an integrated contouring head for its Cincinnati six-axis Mega 800 horizontal machining center. The servo-controlled, U-axis cross-feed spindle can produce circular features ranging to 540 mm in diameter that require turning, boring, co-boring, facing, threading, tapered boring and helical thread milling. The combination of the U-axis head and the HMC’s main W-axis milling/boring spindle is said to eliminate the need for boring machines and turning centers by combining both capabilities in a single multitasking machine.

The U-axis head generates 2,475 Nm of torque (S6-60) and features a Sandvik Coromant Capto C8 tool interface capable of carrying a tool weight of 30 kg (66 lbs). The standard tool interface eliminates the need for special tools, and the integrated head eliminates manual head changing and storage, the company says. According to Fives, the range, power, accuracy and tool-handling capability of the contouring head enable a wider range of processing capabilities. The integrated head is also said to be more rigid than attachments bolted on or held by the spindle taper, resulting in improved part quality, surface finish and dimensional accuracy.