Cutting Tools, Fluids For Aerospace Machining



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Cyclo Cut cutting tools include indexable milling tools, rotary cutting tools and toolholders for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations. They can cut titanium, aluminum and composite materials for the aerospace, automotive and heavy equipment industries, among others. The cutting tools include a range of solid carbide, brazed carbide, polycrystalline diamond and HSS end mills, routers, standard drills, reamers, keyseat cutters, plunge mills, chamfer mills, countersinks, saws, files and more.
The indexable milling tools are capable of removal rates ranging to 11 cubic inches per minute. The indexable tools include end mills ranging from 0.625" to 3" (16 to 76 mm) in diameter, face mills ranging from 1.25" to 20" (31.75 to 508 mm) in diameter and spiral-flute mills for high-speed cutting ranging from 1" to 5" (25 to 127 mm) in diameter with cutting speeds ranging to 16,400 sfm.
Cyclo Cool metalworking fluids are available in synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids; water-soluble and straight oils; and advanced technology fluids and lubricants. The line also includes corrosion inhibitors and minimum-quantity lubricants. Formulated for high heat and difficult machining applications, the fluids are suited for machining high-strength steel, aerospace titanium, aluminum and other exotic metals.