MAG’s new CYCLO CUT 1.000” diameter 20 flute solid carbide Max-Flute endmill finishes titanium at 100 IPM machining .030 radial and 1.000” axial depth of cut with proven tool life of over four hours. The Max-Flute requires less machine power consumption over the competition, making it perfect for light duty 40 taper machining center spindles.

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The CYCLO CUT cutting tool product lines include a wide range of high performance solid carbide end mills and indexable milling tools for the machining of high temperature alloys. Max-Flute endmills have a proven track record throughout the aerospace industry and aircraft OEM’s for the finishing of thin wall components in titanium, nickel alloys and exotic materials. Max-Flutes are also available in ball mills and a variety of flute lengths and overall lengths.

MAG also offers a complete range of standard and high performance solid carbide end mills and drills with over 3,000 unique configurations in stock for immediate delivery. The CYCLO CUT rotary cutting tool portfolio also includes HSS Ripper cobalt end mills with proven tool life of over 8 hours rough machining titanium. In addition, MAG offers a large selection of PVD coated tooling for composite machining and tool holders with stocked tapers in CAT 40, CAT 50, HSK 63A, HSK 100A, HSK125A, BT40, BT50 and many others.

MAG also supports the machining industry with CYCLO COOL - a complete line of metalworking fluids including coolants, corrosion inhibitors and facility cleaners. CYCLO COOL has proven to increase tool life by 50% across a variety of applications throughout the aerospace and automotive industries.

To receive CYCLO CUT and CYCLO COOL product catalogs, or for more information on MAG’s product line please contact Will Gruber at 859.534.4597,, or Roger Romas at 859.534.4574,