Dormer Pramet's GL Tool Designed for Long-Grooving Applications

Dormer Pramet has added a new set of tooling to its parting-off and grooving assortment. 


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Dormer Pramet GL grooving tool

Dormer Pramet has added a new set of tooling to its parting-off and grooving assortment. The 0.98" GL double-edged insert is available in a variety of widths ranging from 0.08" 0.236". Designed for long-grooving applications, GL supports 60% capacity over the existing LCMF16 insert, the company says. The G8330 PVD insert grade is said to maintain stability when machining steel, stainless steel and cast iron. 

The insert is also supported by two new geometries. The PR geometry is designed for medium to high feeds in a variety of machining conditions. Its cutting edge strength resists cracking when grooving interrupted cuts and is ideal for the parting off of barstock, according to the company. The PM geometry is an option for low to medium feeds into softer materials, such as austenitic stainless steel, as it offers greater resistance to built-up edge and reduces burrs when parting-off tubes. 

Toolholders are available with shank dimensions ranging from 0.63" to 0.98" and an overhang ranging to 1.26". 

Designed for small part machining, the tools feature a 30-degree angled screw position for easier indexing and a brace to increase toughness.


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