Dormer Pramet's SNGX11 Insert Enables High-Feed Milling in Steel


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Dormer Pramet SNGX11

The double-sided SNGX11 insert from Dormer Pramet is capable of high-feed milling with a depth of cut ranging to 0.07". A strong main cutting edge promotes durability and process security, especially when machining corners inside a pocket, the company says. The square-shaped insert has eight cutting edges.

Suitable for copy milling, helical interpolation, ramping, progressive plunging and face milling, the SNGX11 is available in two geometries. M is for machining steel as well as hardened steel and cast iron. MM provides a smoother cut and is more suitable for stainless steel, soft steel and superalloys.

Effective for vibration-sensitive machining, the chipbreaker features a highly positive geometry with narrow peripheral land. This is said to reduce chatter and to enable smoother cutting action without burrs on the machined wall. It also supports lower cutting forces, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also prevents work hardening for increased durability and longer tool life.

The insert range is supplemented by the SSN11 cutter, available in diameters ranging from 1.26" to 4.92" with intermediate sizes for die/mold applications. 


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