EDM Drilling Machine Features 38" Y Axis

Current EDM’s EdmDrill RT3038 is designed for complex drilling of large and heavy parts.


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Current EDM’s EdmDrill RT3038 is a high-capacity machine designed for complex drilling of large and heavy parts common to the aerospace, automotive, power generation and cutting tool industries.

The EDM’s table strokes measure 30" in the X axis and 38" in the Y axis. The longer Y axis enables the use of large rotary tables that can be installed either horizontally or vertically to drill both flat and tall parts. The standard five-axis configuration uses the Nikken 5AX201 tilt/rotary table, which is installed at the front of the machine to ease part loading and unloading.


  • Drill And Bore With A Face Mill

    Cutting holes by interpolating a face milling cutter may be a better process choice for many rough and even finish boring operations. Software improvements and better cutter designs allow expanding use of the versatile face mill for hole making.

  • Dealing With A Spot Drill’s True Point Position

    A spot drill has a 90-degree point angle, which makes it easy to calculate the depth of a hole to be spot-drilled. You simply divide the diameter of the spot-drilled hole.

  • The Fast Track To High Speed Drilling

    Drill more productively by making a few strategic changes to the process. Those same changes may also let you drill dry.