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EDMs Increase Machining Stability, Accuracy

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Sodick offers the AD30L sinker EDM and the AQ400L wire EDM.


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The AD30L sinker EDM from Sodick features a linear motor drive system designed to sustain high speed axes movements and instantaneous response. There is no mechanical contact within the drive system, which improves machining stability, accuracy, reliability and maintainability, the company says.

The sinker EDM includes the company’s SVC zero-electrode-wear circuit to improve surface finish. It can accommodate workpieces as heavy as 1,200 lbs., and X-, Y- and Z-axis travel measures 12.59" × 7.87" × 9.84", respectively.

The company also offers the AQ400L wire EDM, which uses ceramic components to increase rigidity. The wire EDM features an FJ (fixed-jet) AWT, which is said to offer a reliable threading rate for both submerged and non-submerged threading. A tension servo function controls and stabilizes the wire tension during machining to increase accuracy. X-, Y- and Z-axis travel measures 15.75" × 11.81" × 9.84", respectively. 


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