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Face Milling Cutters Use Eight-Edged Inserts

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The R220.88 face milling cutter family from Seco features eight-edged cutting inserts and optimized geometries for extended tool life and reduced cutting forces.

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The R220.88 face milling cutter family from Seco features eight-edged cutting inserts and optimized geometries for extended tool life and reduced cutting forces. The 88-degree lead angle enables smaller inserts to cut larger depths compared to 45-degree lead angle face mills. As a result, these tools can machine close to workpiece side walls and part-clamping systems.

Designed for roughing and semi-finishing applications, the cutters are ideal for cast iron and steel parts. They are made of Idun, a corrosion-resistant stainless steel that offers longevity and durability.

The cutter body’s size-12 insert is available in diameters ranging from 2.00" to 6.00" (50 to 160 mm). The size-16 insert is available from 3.00" to 6.00" (63 to 160 mm). Each diameter is offered in standard and close-pitch variants. The size-12 insert’s maximum depth of cut is 0.35" (9 mm), while size 16 provides a 0.51" (13 mm) maximum depth of cut. Right-hand versions of the cutter body are standard, and left-hand versions are available for systems with dual spindles performing simultaneous milling operations.

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