Fast-Hole Drill EDM for Aerospace Blade and Vane Machining


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The EDBV3 fast-hole drill EDM from Makino is designed for discharge machining of cooling air holes and shaped diffuser holes in aerospace blade and vane segments. The machine can produce a range of hole shapes and sizes within a single setup. All EDM drilling is performed fully submerged under water to improve part quality and stability. The machine’s single-electrode-processing approach avoids the cost of custom multi-electrode holders and the need to standardize toolholders, the company says.
The EDM features onboard filtration and resin systems, and a user-friendly control system with preprogrammed hole profiles. The two-axis rotary table combined with automatic tool- and guide-change systems enables unattended machining of complex features. An electrode set combines the electrode holder and die guide into a common assembly for enhanced reliability with simple and precise automated exchanges, the company says.
The machine uses a rigid guide-arm assembly to hold, locate and support the die guide, which can be alternately used as a programmable W axis. An integrated middle-guide system can be applied for small-diameter electrodes. The middle-guide fingers automatically retract as the electrode tube reduces in size, using as much of the electrode length as possible. An electrode length management system tracks electrode wear and automatically exchanges electrodes when they become too short.
The X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measure 370 × 270 × 500 mm (14.5"× 10.6" × 19.6"), respectively. The worktable measures 250 × 270 mm, with a maximum workpiece weight load of 5 kg (15-kg payload optional). The rotary C-axis head features an Erowa compact chuck for automatic changing of electrode diameters as small as 0.2 mm (0.008") with speeds as fast as 1,000 rpm. The machine’s standard configuration includes a 24-station tool carousel system and 24 holder assemblies. The tool carousel can be exchanged for a palletized magazine for extended hours of automated operation.


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